Cone of Safety

The coneofsafety project aims to identify malicious attacks on Twitch using a heuristics approach. By collecting data and analyzing it, we aim to build a tool that can detect a potential incoming attack and i sound the alarm or take counter measures before it happens.

The bot is designed to be a low configuration bot that gives the streamer or channel mod full control while automatically providing them with the data collected and also the tools to mitigrate threats.

The auto moderation and activity logging features of Cone of Safety are available to use by all Twitch users. This includes automatic user banning, flood prevention, bad character detection, online and offline channel modes, low reputation user actions, and customizable user blocking when a user is also banned.

Bot not working?

When you change your password on Twitch, Twitch resets your access tokens for safety reasons. Cone of Safety is unable to block accounts when the access token is invalid.

To resolve this issue, please re-authenticate with your Twitch account, with the red button at the bottom of the dashboard.

Stay safe on the web

Twitch offers two-factor authentication by SMS or authenticator app. Navigate to Twitch Settings - Security and Privacy to enable two-factor authentication, or change your password.